• Dr. Vaughan

    Dr. Vaughan
  • Who Cut The Cheese??

    This is a caricature of Lori Koble, founder and owner of Arnold's Drive-In in Decatur Indiana for 17 years.  This fun caricature will tie into her brand as owner of the new "Who Cut The Cheese???" Grilled Cheese Truck! Coming in April 2015!!

    Who Cut the Cheese ??
  • Tom Do It Best

    Tom Do It Best
  • Just Married - 50 Years

    Just Married - 50 Years
  • Carpet Guys

    Carpet Guys
  • Shelby Cobra

    Shelby Cobra
  • Ostrum 23T Bucket

    Ostrum 23T Bucket
  • FMC Picnic

    FMC Picnic
  • Dan Jasper

    Dan Jasper
  • Dr. Knopp

    Dr. Knopp
  • Dale Earnhardt

    Dale Earnhardt
  • Kyle

  • Steve Michalak

    Steve Michalak
  • Jeff Gordon

    Jeff Gordon
  • Biking

  • Wayne King

    Wayne King
  • Group Tokheim

    Group Tokheim
  • Dr. Webb

    Dr. Webb
  • Dr. Frieze

    Dr. Frieze
  • Dixie Dart

    Dixie Dart
  • Diane Humphrey

    Diane Humphrey
  • Dan Jasper

    Dan Jasper